How to Rank better on Google Maps & Get more traffic and leads

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What is Google My Business And Its Benefits

Learn what Google My Business is and its benefits for your company. Learn to optimize your Google My Business account and the insights it provides.


With formats like the Yellow Pages slowly dying, it’s becoming more difficult to find businesses offline. Google gives you a platform with instant exposure and a higher chance of being discovered within your market.

1. You Show up in Google Maps Searches
When searching for local companies, consumers take into consideration the proximity of a business to their location. The tool they use to find businesses is Google Maps. Google My Business allows a person to find you quickly on Google Maps and even provides directions to your location.
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2. You may Show up in Google’s Local 3-Pack
The coveted Google Local 3-Pack highlights three local businesses based on a specific Google search. While there are lots of SEO strategies, you can attempt to get into the 3-Pack, the simplest thing you can do is create a free Google My Business listing. It increases your odds of making it in.
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3. GMB Gives Your Business Credibility
Businesses that have a location are perceived as more credible than companies that merely exist online. Since most users place their trust and confidence in Google, your business is more trustworthy when it shows up in a Google search. Companies must go through a rigorous process and several verification steps before showing up on GMB. Therefore, they are automatically considered credible.
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4. Online Reviews can Send More People to Your Business
Customer reviews are one of the most powerful forms of online marketing. Consumers rely on customer reviews to keep them from wasting time and effort when finding a local business. The more positive reviews you receive from clients, the more interest others will show in what you have to offer.
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5. Google My Business is Free
Running an ad campaign on any platform can be time-consuming and drain your budget. Furthermore, you are never guaranteed that all the time and money you spent on your marketing strategy will pay off. Google My Business provides a free marketing tool that puts you in touch with thousands of searchers. Best of all, it’s an ongoing marketing campaign that you don’t have to put much energy into maintaining.
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You need to do some Google My Business optimization.

For example, you can add your:

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